How “heaty” and “cooling” made it to the Oxford English Dictionary

Previously,  I’ve written about the nature of food-types in Chinese medicine (in case you missed it), and apparently the concept is becoming more mainstream than I thought: the terms “heaty” and “cooling” were included in the December 2016 update of the Oxford English Dictionary.

“Heaty” was first documented in print usage in 1940, and the term “cooling” was first seen in 1842. This is quite amazing news but it does show how long it can take a concept to enter the subconscious of a society.

For those who have lived in the East or grew up with an Asian background, particularly Chinese, Singaporean, Malaysian or Indian, certain concepts such as the nature of a food-type is quite obvious, even to those without a background in Chinese medicine or Ayurveda. Here in London, I’m slowly educating my patients and it’s a delight to be able to share this knowledge that allows one to be more proactive in their own self-care.

How “heaty” and “cooling” made it to the Oxford English Dictionary | South China Morning Post

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