Conditions treated

What can acupuncture do for me?

In the West, acupuncture is most commonly identified as a treatment for pain management. This is true, and many people turn to acupuncture to relieve specific pains like osteoarthritis of the knee. In 2009 the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence recommended that acupuncture should be made available on the NHS, as a cost-effective short-term treatment for the management of early, persistent non-specific lower back pain.

However, more and more people are realising that traditional acupuncture’s approach at treating the whole person rather than just specific symptoms in isolation means it can be effective for a range of conditions. Traditional acupuncture can help if you:

  • Have a specific symptom or condition
  • Feel generally unwell but have no obvious diagnosis
  • Want to maintain good health, as a preventative measure
  • Want to improve your general sense of wellbeing.

Many people return to acupuncture again and again because they find it so beneficial and relaxing.

It must be stressed that all cases are treated individually and there will inevitably be some that cannot be helped by acupuncture alone.

Ka Hang offers three body acupuncture treatments:

  • Remedial Acupuncture
  • Seasonal Tune-up
  • Stress Buster.

Get in touch to see if acupuncture would be effective for your condition.