Start afresh in January

January is a time of new beginning and promise, of renewal and and reflection. We have come so far over the past twelve months and are now back full circle.

We have seen the crispness of the season change into a delightful world of dewdrops with a fluidity that only nature can have. In your own world bring that awareness to your mind and body and feed your soul.

Most of us know to have a physical ailment looked at when it first appears, but remember to also pay attention to subtle shifts in your mental world.

In Chinese culture, we use the word “heart” to describe what would be attributed to the mind in the West. If something is on your mind, your friend might call you up to discuss “heart matters” and that isn’t always about romantic issues, it could be finance, relationships, career, stress, parents, children, anything. The Chinese character for bored (悶) shows a heart framed by a door. When the heart is enclosed and not free-flowing, obstruction occurs.

Use the new year to open your heart: Declutter your mind palace and your physical home. I cherish many my many objects which may seem ordinary to you but are of great sentimental value to me, but I am also a person who keeps things “just in case”. With the new baby comes an amazing flood of paraphernalia and it has been difficult removing those “just in case” items. But I did it and six bags await the charity shop. It has been incredibly cathartic and also slightly symbolic.

Rebalance your heart channel with a restorative acupuncture treatment, or use essential oils to enhance positivity. Seek advice from an aromatherapist or just leave some mandarin peel to dry in your home. That citrus freshness in the winter is delightful.

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