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"You are MAGIC! I haven't been waking up at 2am since the treatment. I felt touched by god when I left on Friday - so relaxed and blissed out." 
- Marissa, London
"I first visited Ka Hang last year for stress-related problems as well as physical symptoms. I feel renewed after every treatment and look forward to my treatments."
- Karin, Greenwich
"I look amazing, your work is so successful, thank you."
- Juliet, London
"Ka Hang is a great practitioner listening to what you tell her. As well as getting the facial acupuncture you get a body and soul tune-up. So as a side effect you feel marvellous."
- SK, London
"I am delighted with Ka Hang's cosmetic acupuncture treatments. I have had several compliments afterwards about how fresh-faced I look. The treatments themselves are so relaxing, I usually fall asleep during the treatment. I am so happy to have found a natural solution to age defence. Thanks Ka Hang."
- Emily, Weybridge
"This was more relaxing than any massage I have ever had! I was in a state of deep relaxation and didn't want it to end. I would highly recommend acupuncture and especially recommend Ka Hang, she is brilliant."
- Helen, London

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In the Press

The Jewish Chronicle: How to fight those sleepless nights

September 2021

“Acupuncture has also made a huge difference. I see practitioner Ka Hang Leoungk ( based in Neal’s Yard, who also recommends applying pressure to the point on your foot in the “v” shape area between your big toe and second toe for about 15 minutes, half an hour before bed.” Read more

Glamour UK: Acupuncture completely helped me de-stress: Here’s everything you need to know about how it can help you, too.

September 2019

“After – once the needles were removed – I felt calmer and more relaxed. While I was there, I didn’t think once about work deadlines, home admin or the growing pile of emails in my inbox. That night, I slept better than ever. No midnight loo run or aimless wandering. And the nights that followed, I continued to sleep through. It didn’t erase my stress – my commute is still hectic and work is busy – but I found myself able to unwind more quickly in the evenings.” Read more

Grazia UK: Is Acupuncture The Secret To A Good Night’s Sleep?

February 2018

“I never thought floating would be a word I’d use to describe walking through manic Piccadilly Circus. However, after an hour spent with acupuncturist Ka Hang Leoungk at her tranquil Neal’s Yard treatment room I felt the most relaxed I had in months, maybe years.” Read more

Lolita says so: Energy flow

January 2018

“I’ve always related to many ideas of Chinese medicine and acupuncture has done wonders for me in the past, but since moving back to London I couldn’t find any good recommendations about places to go. It wasn’t until I heard that Neal’s Yard had therapy rooms where acupuncture was one of the treatments on offer that I dared try out a new therapist. I was lucky enough to find Ka Hang Leoungk at Neal’s Yard.” Read more

Bon Health: Energise your festive season

November 2017

“Make this year your best Christmas yet, by discovering how to boost your stamina during the busiest month of the calendar.” Read more

London Visitors: Mirror, Mirror… The Story Continues

July 2017

“Bingo! We had the perfect match. And three treatments in, I’m sticking with this! Ka Hang is a maestro – and fun with it – so the hour’s treatment is pure pleasure and very relaxing. Yes, it’s a slower rejuvenating process than the acupuncture version but seriously, if you emerge with a glowing complexion and a de-frazzled look that lasts beyond the following morning, what’s not to like.” Read more

Biteable Beauty: Cosmetic Acupuncture with Ka Hang Leoungk

August 2016

“Ka Hang’s facial techniques are where holistic meets cosmetic beauty procedures. Ka Hang’s use of needles helps not only life and tighten, relax tense areas on the face but also offer relaxation on a deeper level; bringing about calmness and leaving you feeling rather Zen after treatment.” Read more

London Visitors: Mirror, Mirror

August 2016

“Yes, she uses strategically-placed fine needles and yes, depending on how sensitive you are, you do know they’re there. But it’s worth the slightly ‘heavy’ sensation, achiness or tingling (not everyone experiences this but if you do, you know you need it!) and towards the end of your 90-minute treatment you get the best facial massage I have ever had. It’s early days but ‘the face’ is looking brighter and healthier.” Read more

Glass Magazine: Beauty From Within

March 2015

“Another way to help the body “rebalance” is through acupuncture – Ka Hang Leoungk is renowned in her field, with a cheerful, approachable personality that is enough to relax you in itself. A main component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is like having a regular body MOT, working on particular pressure points to release energy blockages and rebalance your “qi” (energy).” Read more

Beauty and the Snob blog: Beauty Gives Stress a Dose of De Qi

June 2014

“The results? Amazing! I would compare the results much like the results of a Caci facial where deep lines on the face disappear. I found this result most visible with the two lines leading to my mouth. Also the cheeks appear lifted and much more youthful. There was a slight redness, but I was assured this was only because of the blood flow due to the massage. My legs also felt as if they have been massaged for over an hour as well (even though nothing happened but the needles being put in and out). What I find exceptional also with this type of facial is that you don’t get any headaches afterwards unlike traditional facials where headaches may occur due to toxins try to get out. This seems to be a much gentler and more effective approach for the face and body.” Read more

Your Kensington & Chelsea: In needle of some relaxation

October 2013

“Hong Kong born and Greek raised Ka Hang is a master of her skill… After the treatment, the benefits can not only be seen but can also be felt deep within. Skin is left feeling plumper, lifted and more radiant, while the body and mind feels wonderfully relaxed and calm after a blissful two hours. Any stress and tension you feel before the treatment simply melts away.” Read more

Harper’s Bazaar: Facial acupuncture

July 2013

“Facial acupuncture can stimulate collagen production. Try Ka Hang Leoungk at London’s Hale Clinic.” Click to see

According to Dawn: THE NEW AGE DEFENSE

November 2012

“The feeling is amazing and the after glow is noticeable. For weeks after, my face felt (and even upper back) relaxed and refreshed! It is essentially a detox and rejuvenation process rolled into one. Something we can all use during the holiday season and winter days.” Read more

Your Marylebone

August 2012

“The aim of acupuncture is to benefit your body and improve your wellbeing; Ka Hang’s treatment certainly fulfills this. Skin is left feeling lifted and looking radiant, while the body and mind feels wonderfully relaxed and calm. A week on, the results are still visible with fine lines looking less prominent and skin appearing fuller.” Read more

Glass Magazine

14 May 2012

“While the skin adjusts to the change in seasons, Facial Acupuncture is a great way to keep everything running smoothly and to feel more centred in general.” Read more

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The Beauty Tonic blog

30 April 2012

“This isn’t a treatment for those with low pain thresholds or those scared of needles but if you have tried acupuncture before and are fine with the above, this is definitely one to try.” Read more

Shortlist Magazine: MORE THAN A MASSAGE

8 March 2012

“Acupuncturist Ka Hang Leoungk offers treatments tailored to the individual needs of her patients: relief of pain, stress or anxiety, sessions have even helped soothe problems with indigestion and insomnia. But it is the services of cosmetic acupuncture that give her a point of difference – it can diminish signs of ageing and leave skin looking lifted and replenished.” Click to see

Stylist Magazine: LOOKING EAST

25 Jan 2012

“For a nourishing facial with body balancing benefits try Cosmetic Acupuncture at Gielly Green with Ka Hang Leoungk, a graduate of the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine – you’ll sleep soundly afterwards.” Click to see


2 Nov 2011

“I’m not new to acupuncture, but facial acupuncture would be a first. The salon is working exclusively with the London-based founder of Pointspace Acupuncture, Hong-Kong native and London transplant Ka-Hang Leoungk. She’s trained around the world and has every certification imaginable. I booked the session not really knowing what to expect. Once inside, staff sent me down to the treatment room where I was prepped for my session. And so it began.” Read more

London Beauty Queen blog: Pins and needles

20 April 2011

“Acupuncture has been well associated with people turning to alternative treatments to solve issues that traditional medicine or therapy can’t help with; it’s now becoming a treatment that ladies of a certain age are turning to instead of botox, as well as working overall to invigorate the skin with health, vitality and a subtle glow.” Read more